Hey there! I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you stumbled across this page by mistake, followed a social media link out of curiosity or found it through an Internet search, it’s great to have you.

I’m Kelly. We might not know each other personally, but I bet we have more in common than you think. We play the roles of mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker and neighbor. We wear so many hats and have so many responsibilities to fulfill. But if we’re honest, we spend more time just trying to keep our heads above water than we’d like to admit (and attempting to demonstrate proficient fashion sense while doing it!)

That’s where When the Gals Gather comes in. We are a community for women looking for hope, encouragement and some much-needed relief from the daily grind. Need a little pick-me-up, or just need to know there’s someone out there going through some of the same things you are? Then welcome home. Put your feet up and stay awhile.

When us gals get together, the real you is free to emerge because negativity is null and void. We learn, we laugh and we grow. We’re real, we’re raw and we always remember that faith in Christ beats fear, discouragement and defeat any day. (Oh yeah, there’s one thing you should know about me. I’m one of those Christian types that process each and every facet of life through the lens of the Bible. I like it that way!)

In the days to come, I hope to encourage you with some of my story, and I hope that you’ll share some of yours, too. There will even be some special guest bloggers to share their stories, too. Join me. Let’s travel this road together.

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