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Have you ever wondered what it would take to have the vibrant, consistent relationship with God that you’ve always wanted? In Ignite: How to Fuel Your Soul’s Passion for God, Kelly Parker shares the path to fostering a relationship with God that stays fresh, interesting, and dynamic over the long haul.

Through both heartfelt and witty anecdotes as well as easy-to-understand exposition of relevant Bible passages, Kelly will encourage and challenge you to connect with God like never before and to rise to your God-given potential. Ignite will help you . . .

  • Identify where God is working in your life
  • Define areas for change and growth
  • Develop an action plan for hearing God’s leading and direction, and
  • Gain peace and clarity in difficult circumstances.

God has given you everything you need for the spiritual zeal and passion you want. It’s up to you to grab hold of it.

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